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October 06 2017

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The reason why heavily armed terrorist freely walked into the hotel room and no one tried to stop him is that his skin was white and he had no Muslim beard. White people use the same reason to try to… justify him or… I don’t even understand what are they talking about. All these well-paid white people on television who spread disgusting stupid “thoughts”. That’s profanation of freedom of speech! I can’t take it!

September 28 2017

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How did you get out before me?

November 18 2015

November 02 2014

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10 Reasons to Vote

1. If you don’t vote, a Republican run senate is in our future and issues on climate change will continue to be ignored.

2. Voting is your opportunity to make your voice heard on matters that are important to you.

3. There is power in numbers. If you don’t vote for what you believe in, someone else will.

4. If you want a say in who leads our communities, states, country and more then you need to vote for representatives that have your best interests in mind.

5. Between 2011-14, 205 laws were passed restricting access to abortion and birth control (source). Your vote helps women make their own decisions about their bodies.

6. Because women still earn $.78 for every dollar men earn. (source)

7. I don’t want to see another headline about a school shooting. We should enforce stricter gun laws.

8. Marriage Equality. Love is love and everyone has a right to marry whom they choose.

9. Because everyone has a right to affordable healthcare and voting can make that happen.

10. Voting is a right and a privilege not everyone has.

October 28 2014

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Wearing Grungy Gentlemen

August 12 2014

Jamestown Revival - California

Just downloaded California from Jamestown Revival

December 03 2013

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Army SSG Taylor Cochran
Fort Bragg, NC

Visit the archive the next time you’re enjoying some one-handed typing…

November 22 2013

November 21 2013

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Amazing Spider-Man Cosplay Photoshoot

he’s so perfect..

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This is so pretty and needs more notes

May 23 2013


May 06 2013

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Adam Thompson’s “Heroic Words Of Wisdom”

Fucking beautiful. I just need some Marvel ones now. 

April 08 2013

February 22 2013

February 12 2013

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